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What is Inner Child Healing?

May 01, 20234 min read

What is Inner Child Work?

As adults, we often lose touch with the child within us, and forget the carefree and joyful spirit we once had. We become weighed down by the responsibilities of life and forget that it's okay to need support and love. We start to believe that we should be able to handle everything on our own, and feel ashamed when we can't.

But the truth is, our inner child is still very much present within us. It holds our memories, experiences, and emotions from our early years, and represents the seed of our creativity, independence, and self-expression. In fact, renowned psychologist Carl Jung believed that awakening our inner child can help us rediscover the wonder and beauty of life.

If you're feeling stuck in negative habits and beliefs, it's time to reconnect with your inner child. By doing so, you can provide yourself with the unconditional love and support that you need to thrive. Your inner child is waiting to be heard and cared for, and by listening to its needs, you can find a renewed sense of joy and wonder in life.

Our inner child is the source of our joy, creativity, and innocence. It's the part of us that craves spontaneity and lightheartedness, keeping us curious and playful as we explore our inner and outer worlds.

Many of us mistakenly think of the inner child as just a metaphorical construct, or something that only exists in our past. But the truth is, our inner child is alive and well within us. It's the very foundation of our psychological growth, independence, and ability to express ourselves fully.

By connecting with our inner child, we can rediscover our innate sense of wonder, reclaim our lost innocence, and tap into the boundless potential of our creative selves. It's a journey that can be both challenging and immensely rewarding, leading to a more fulfilling and authentic life.

By directly contacting and communicating with our inner child, we can engage in a powerful therapeutic process called inner child work.

Children live in a world of their own that very few adults understand.

Nowadays, the pressures of a fast-paced society make it even more difficult for a child to secure an intimate relationship with an adult.

As adults, we often get caught up in the rush of life and miss the beauty of the world through a child's eyes. Children are deeply connected to their inner world of imagination and play, allowing them to explore their core creativity and develop a natural sense of self-expression.

Through inner child work, we can tap into that sense of playfulness and creativity that we had before the stresses of adulthood took over. By reconnecting with our inner child, we not only heal the fragmented parts of ourselves, but we also rediscover a sense of wonder, excitement, and joy for life.

So, it's time to honor your inner child. Take the time to sit with them, listen to their needs and desires, and let them express themselves freely. You'll be amazed at the beauty and creativity that emerges when you give your inner child the attention and care they deserve.

Ways to Work With Your Inner Child

Connecting with your inner child is a crucial step in your healing journey, and we're here to help. The first step can be challenging, as it requires admitting that a part of you is hurting. We understand that facing our pain can be difficult, but it's also the first step towards healing and finding peace. So let's take this step together, and discover the many ways that we can help your inner child express and heal.

Give your inner child the space to react and express its feelings, while providing the guidance and boundaries that a loving parent would.

To start, consider setting a 5-minute timer and choosing one of the following ways to engage with your inner child:

  • Punch a pillow or couch cushion

  • Scream into a pillow or in the car

  • Stomp your feet

  • Dance wildly

  • Growl, hiss, roar like a ferocious animal

  • Lay on the floor crying

After releasing some of the heavy feelings, you can nurture your inner child by picking one of the following:

  • Wrap yourself up in a cozy blanket and sip on some peppermint tea or hot cocoa with extra marshmallows.

  • Brush your hair slowly and gently, looking in the mirror and repeating “I love all of you. You are safe with me.”

  • Get into bed with some stuffed animals and sing yourself a lullaby before drifting off to sleep.

  • Give yourself a hand or foot massage with lotion or essential oils, moving as slow as you can, setting the intention to nourish yourself with love.

What are the benefits of Inner Child Work?

  • Embrace gentleness in your life

  • Process past grief and find healing

  • Unravel learned values and beliefs to uncover your own authentic values and beliefs

  • Cultivate self-compassion and boost your self-worth, empowering you to be true to yourself

  • Rediscover your spiritual connection without restrictive dogma

Are you ready to heal your inner child and start living a happier, healthier life? Book an Inner Child Healing session with Evelyn today and take the first step towards releasing the weight of past traumas and reclaiming your life.

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